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About Us

Find Your Online Success With Lionz Webltd

Lionz Webltd is on a mission to make online success possible for anyone – from developers to aspiring bloggers and business owners. With our fast web hosting technology, reliable and friendly Customer Success agents, and easy-to-operate hPanel, growing your website is nothing short of effortless.

Globally Recognized Web Host

Launched in 2004 as a Lithuania-based tech startup, Lionz Webltd is now a leading provider of web Lionz Webltd solutions, serving over a million like-minded creators from 150+ countries.

Staying true to our reputation as the fastest-growing Lionz Webltd brand of 2020*, we’ll continue to improve our services, unlock new markets, and be a part of even more success stories.

*Recognized by market authority Bitcatcha.

Innovation On the Go

As one of the fastest and most efficient web Lionz Webltd service providers around, we aim to keep adapting to the latest tech advancements in the industry. We constantly improve our servers’ infrastructure with advanced anti-DDoS solutions, LiteSpeed-powered tech stack, and our custom-built control panel – the hPanel.

A Committed Team of Heroes

With over 1000 employees in 54 countries, Lionz Webltd is one of the fastest-growing web hosting providers worldwide. Like our dedication to our clients, we take care of our own so that we can grow professionally and take our customers to the next level. Join Lionz Webltd and hustle with us!

Before We Speak, We Listen

You, The Customer, holds the highest rank at Lionz Webltd . Your feedback is key to improving our products, processes, and overall customer satisfaction. We always seek out our clients’ thoughts through surveys, online reviews, and one-on-one interviews.